Tug Jobs Girls

"The Wet TugJob"

Tug Jobs Ginger is good with her hands. She gave this dude a wet tugjob. I enjoyed every minute of her little tugjob. She would stroke his cock real fast and then she would slow down. This dude couldn't stand it. I also loved her body. Her tits where nice and perky. The sperm erupted out of this dude’s cock and ended up all over her face and on her pink nipples.

"Should I Cum On Her Face After the TugJob?"

TugJobs Ariel's coming over for a tugjob! I'm so excited because the girl is a talented tugjob girl. I didn't know if I should cum in her face or on her tits. This girl's face is beautiful. She has a very nice ass and gave me an amazing tugjob. She was very sexy, yet she was rough when she had to be, at the right times. I came all over her nice face. Yeah, I made the right choice.

"TugJobs Pheonix"

TugJobs.com presents Phoenix. She has a real nice round ass and some pretty big tits. I enjoy the handjobs she gives. It's always warm and wet and ends in a hand job orgasm. I got so turned on that I blew sperm all over her face. I think some cum hit the roof. The warm amateur hands of this tugjob chick made by job so much fun!

"The Office TugJob"

Office handjobs are cool. This weeks Tugjobs girl came by for a nice jerk-o-thon. She had a pair of big round tits. She was super good at jerking dick. Her dick strokes were short and hard or long and real sweet. I unleashed a warm cum load on this girls soft hands.

"Tug Jobs Riley"

Tug Jobs Riley came by looking for a hard dick to jack off. She had a great set of boobs and a pretty face. Riley loves giving tugjobs. This tugjob girl really got into it. She got in different tugjob positions and even rubbed her pussy while kept on stroking cock.

"Big Boob Tug Job"

Tug Jobs Reina came over because she's a tugjob-lover. She really does enjoy the feeling of a hard cock in her hands. She played with her big boobs before getting on her knees and doing the dirty dirty. This big boob tug job was a good one. You can just look at her in action and see just how much she enjoys giving a tugjob, with her big boobs and all.

"Monsters of Cock Tug Job"

If you saw Violet's Monsters Of Cock episode you know she can give good head, a blowjob, some oral sex, etc.. but let me tell you, she also gives good tugjobs too. Who would've thunk it, eh? She gave a double handed tugjob, the one hand eyes closed jerk, she did it all. She has perky tits a round bubble butt also.

"The Tugjob Professional"

This big phat white booty girl is next up here at Tug Jobs. She jerked our local cock off like a tugjob professional. We only have amateurs here at Tug Jobs though.. She had a white ass and cute breasts. If you don't believe me watch the video. I ain't fucking around here, she really did give a good tugjob.

"Double Handjob"

What a pair of pair of boobs we have here! There's never been double trouble at Tug Jobs like this before. We got Sarajay and Kandi Kream next up here at Tug Jobs. We got the double handjob right here. That's right a double tugjob. This movie will go into the Tug Jobs hall of fame. There was more than enough to cum to share between these two lovely tugjob girls. They even made out with loads of cum in their mouths.

"Tug Jobs Alexis Silver"

Tug Jobs Alexis Silver is the next slut to appear on Tug Jobs. She's got plump and juicy boobies. You just want to squeeze them. Her handjob was great. That tugjob showed that this wasn't the first time she's been jacking cock. I can't wait until we get your feedback on this tugjob girl. Enjoy the full video in the members area.

"Point of View Tug Job"

Tug Jobs Ashley is such a slut. Damn what a tugjob she was giving. She's an amateur but her handjob skills say nothing of her being an amateur. This is a good tugjob and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed receiving it. This was a POV HJ (Point of View Hand Job). Did I mention this girls tits are nice and big. I just wanted to suck the milk out of them.

"Best Tugjobs Episode Ever!"

Ahot Latina is next up here at Tug Jobs. Is this not the perfect body? Those areolas are so huge, it's like a pepperoni pizza! Her nipples are so thick and round and dark, so perky! Her erect nipples put me in a hypnotic state. That tugjob she gave was memorable. This one, hands down, is the best tugjobs episode ever!

"Tug Jobs Charlotte"

Tug Jobs Charlotte is now ready for her Tug Jobs appearance. She was there for hours trying to get her make up on and all that fucking shit. Well damn who cares about her lipstick, she was going to get cum splashed on her face in 5 minutes anyway. She gave an alright handjob, take a look at the tugjob in the Tug Jobs members area. Get yourself a $4.95 trial membership to TugJobs.com today.

"TugJob Hottie"

Tug Jobs Karina Kay is such a hottie! What a body on this chick. She has massive tits and a round and brown ass. Her tight pussy will make you drool. She enjoyed the tugjob she gave. This girls an amateur yet she gave such a hot handjob. One of the best tugjob episodes this year.

"Tugjobs Jasmin"

Tugjobs Jasmin is so fucking hot. With a pair of beautiful tits, blue eyes, and a golden ass as well. I loved the tugjob this girl gave me. She liked stroking that hard cock. It's like she wanted cum bursting on her face. This is a tugjob you won't soon forget. Watch and enjoy this tugjob episode.

"Public TugJob"

Tug Jobs Vive is a young slut with a nice ass. This chick gave a tugjob in the middle of an island while there were boats passing by. It was a pretty tight tugjob. I loved this chicks wet cunt and perky boobies. Our tugjob guys' hard thick cock was stroked on for a long ass time. It's like she wanted people to see her giving a tugjob. Check this tugjob out.

"Monster Cock Tug Job"

Tug Jobs Arcadia gave a tugjob like no one else. This girls a funky ass brunette with mocha choca lotte skin. She has that sexy Asian look about her. Oh yeah and she has long round nipples too. If you watch the video trailer you'll know what I'm taking about. She was jerking penis like no other. Looked like the fucking thing was as thick and as long as her arm. I'm surprised she didn't faint when we saw the size of this shlong.

"TugJob, HandJob.. FootJob?"

Tug Jobs Colleen is next up on Tug Jobs. What do I like best about this girl... is it her sweet round tits, her white skinned butt, or her handjob skills. Yup it's her tugjob ability. She had such cold hands, it was refreshing to get a cold handed tugjob. She even gave a bit of a footjob too while she was at it. What a trooper.

"Rate My TugJob"

Tug Jobs Daisy has a pair of perfect pierced nipples. She just got a boob job so she's proud to show off her new pair of boobs. If I had to rate handjobs from 1 to 10, I'd give this tugjob a 9 out of 10. Watch our guy cum all over this girls hand. It was fun. This was the tugjob of a lifetime. You can only watch the complete tugjob episode in the Tug Jobs members area.

"Tug On My Banana"

Tug Jobs Mya is a Hawaiian superstar. She showed us how she gives a tugjob on a banana. We weren't going to fuck around with fruits all day so we gave her a real dick to play with and she had some fun with it. This fucking nymphomaniac loves to stroke cock, she does it in the morning, afternoon, evening, and even in the middle of the night when her boyfriend gets a boner or has some early morning wood.

"She Lets Her Hands do the Talking"

Tug Jobs Dasani is the next Latina to show up on the Tug Jobs doorstep. She may not speak perfect English, but her hands do all the talking in this episode of Tug Jobs. This Latina chick is the total package. She got the handjob finish straight in the mouth.

"Carmen Electra Wannabe"

Tug Jobs Shyra is a Carmen Electra lookalike. The only difference is that this Tug Jobs girl gives tugjobs on video. With a pair of nice breasts, a rock hard stomach with 6pac abs, we were ready for one crazy tugjob. She stroked cock so hard I nearly had a stroke myself. She was jackin' like if she wanted the cum to go over here head and land on the wall.

"A Sweet Tugjob"

Tug Jobs Anjelina is next up. She's coming to us fresh from the tanning salon and you could really tell she's a tanner. You won't believe the sweet tugjob she gave today. This was one jerk job to remember. Hope you enjoy Tug Jobs Anjelina's tugjob.

"The Scary TugJob"

We got an all new tugjob here on Tug Jobs. Nicole comes in with the hands of a beast. Man that jerking hand of hers was scary. Her fingers were thick so we knew she could fill up the shaft like no other.

"Tug Jobs Jordan"

We got this spunky chick next on TugJobs, it's Jordan. She slam dunked our cock like no other. This green eyed brunette was here for business. She got right down to it and teased and rubbed that dick to prolong the handjob. Her tugging was slow and then at the right time, hard again. She gave us quite the jerk-a-thon. Hope you enjoy this video, because this naughty girl is ready to take the tugjob porn world by storm.

"The Semen-Oids are Cumming!"

Tug Jobs Karly is next up on the Tug Jobs arena. We had this bitch on the schedule for weeks so it was great to finally see her come into the Tug Jobs studio in the flesh. With a pair of tiny 36A tits and a tight little fucking ass, this girl was ready for a rub and tug handjob. I'm telling you after she was done with her tugjob, there was so much cum flying all over the place, I thought she stepped on a sperm landmine. It was a beautiful thing to see her face depleted by the semenoids.

"Tug Jobs Job Interview"

When we first saw Tug Jobs Alicia, we thought we were looking at a sweet girl who came to interview for our administrative assistant or secretary position here at Tug Jobs. But oh we were so wrong. She wanted to actually be one of the girls on Tug Jobs. Just like that we whipped a cock out for her to play with. Lets see if she has what it takes, here is her Tug Jobs audition.

"Tug Jobs Ava"

Tug Jobs Ava has been around the block once or twice.. or ten times even. She knows how to jack cock real good. She came to us to earn some extra money giving a tugjob or two. Lets see if she's all they say she is. In this edition of TugJobs, she jerked cock like a real winner. She's not all talk, she has the skills to pay the bills, bitch.

"Sprinkled With Cum After a TugJob"

Here's the next Tug Job girl, Brooke. She has a model type of look to her. She's very tall and knows how to jerk a cock off real nice. You wouldn't expect it from a girl like her. Anyways, she had a good hard tug job fun for a while before the fun had to end. She made the cock squirt all over the room. I thought the sprinklers were left on for fucks sake.

"She Jerks, She Jerks!"

Makayla is a hot Latina girl who has a love for jerking men untll they cum all over her fingers. Oh yeah she's just one of the many TugJob girls we have here at the award winning TugJobs.com reality porn site.

"Tug Jobs Monique"

Monique has a nice soft plump ass and likes to tease guys with her butt. Here's how she does a tugjob. She jerks the dicks off till they cum all over her hands. It really is that simple. That doesn't mean it's not fun to watch it though. So check out this tugjob girl in action.

"Sticky Icky Handjob Hands"

Tug Jobs Tina teases this guy with her warm tongue while roughly jerking this guy's cock, bringing him to brink of ejaculation before finally letting this guy erupt all over her tiny soft hands. She's going to need to wash those hands, cum gets real sticky sometimes.

"Tug Jobs Haley"

Tug Jobs Haley jerks this fool off and rubs her natural boobs until he ejaculates all over her hands. She had a blast getting blasted though. That's what we're all about here at TugJobs. Good clean fun, or shall I say good dirty fun.

"Want a Hug? Need a Tug?"

Alex hands out tugs like hugs. Watch this tugjob girl show off her favorite talent, the ever so famous and popular tugjob. You can see this tugjob girl perform at TugJobs.com.

"Silvia Does Some Cock Yanking"

Well gentleman.. and ladies? Yes we have ladies who like watching the Tug Jobs episodes. We have yet another episode of cock yanking as we observe Silvia tug on a cock until the gooey wet stuff sprays her white cheeks.

"Tug Jobs Chrissy"

TugJobs Chrissy jerks off this dude. Yeah she gave him a tugjob. Not much else to say on this one except that it was a typical Tug Jobs episode. Hope you enjoy this one. Remember that all the Tug Jobs episodes are available to be downloaded in the TugJobs members area.

"She Jerks and Gets it in the Face"

TugJobs Desiree jerks and jerks and gets it in the face. That's just what you get when you're blonde, you have blue eyes, and you have this inane desire to give tugjobs to complete strangers.

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